Ribbon Gateway SBC 2000

Ribbon Gateway SBC 2000

Devices are growing smaller and smarter, so Ribbon Communications designed a Session Border Controller (SBC) that was smaller and smarter, too. The SBC 2000 Session Border Controller is an advanced SBC independently verifi ed for performance, delivering robust security features and interoper-ability between disparate networks. The SBC 2000 confi gurations are designed for ease of deployment and growth. Both session and port expansion can be remotely enabled via a simple license, eliminating the need for a truck-roll and an on-site technician. The Ribbon SBC 2000 also features a wide range of I/O and call capacities as well as built-in survivability for Microsoft Skype for Business, Polycom, BroadSoft, and  other SIP/TDM/FXx clients, so calls go through even if the wide area network (WAN) goes down. The SBC 2000 is certifi ed for Direct Routing with Microsoft Teams


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