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Poly Savi 7300 Series

Poly Savi 7300 Series

Armor up with Savi 7300 Office Series to keep conversations private. The ultra-secure DECT™ wireless headset is the perfect choice for financial, medical, government and contact centers or anywhere sensitive conversations happen. Relax knowing calls are protected—it’s designed to meet the highestlevel DECT™ security Step C, with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption for maximum security. Combined with Poly Acoustic Fence technology and Microsoft Teams Open Office spec, conversations always stay clear, private and protected. And with up to 2x better density than other DECT headsets, interference isn’t a thing.


• Up to 2x more density than other DECT headsets

• First Poly Microsoft Teams certified DECT headset with dedicated Microsoft Teams button

• Meets Microsoft Teams Open Office specification

• Noise-canceling microphone with Poly Acoustic Fence technology

• Up to 580 ft/180 m line-of-sight range


• Exceeds enterprise security 
expectations – designed to meet the 
highest level DECT Security Step C 
enhanced with Military level FIPS 
140-2 listed features, such as 256-bit 
AES encryption .
• Deploy more headsets with ease—
up to 2x better density compared 
to other DECT headsets.
• Keep nearby conversations private 
with a noise-canceling microphone 
enhanced with Poly Acoustic Fence 
technology that meets Microsoft 
Teams Open Office specification .
• Crystal clear audio quality with latest 
DECT compression and modulation 
techniques without impacting 
user density.

•  Savi 7310 Office Over-the-head 
(monaural): 120 g /4.23 oz and the battery Capacity: 500mAH  (Savi 7310 and Savi 7320)

•  Savi 7320 Over-the-head (binaural): 
160 g /5.64 oz and  Battery Capacity: 500mAH  (Savi 7310 and Savi 7320)


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