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Users using Azure Communication Services

Extend your Apps with a modern calling solution

IT Developers and Network Administrators will be able to connect their existing telephony infrastructure with the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) calling capabilities they build with Azure Communication Services.

Connect telephony lines

Whether it's directly from your telecom provider, or through your current PBX, extending your calling capabilities to Microsoft Azure Communication Services is always possible

Your App, your way

You can have your Apps integrated with Azure Communication Services as a phone, providing a wide range of communications capabilities for any business needs.

Reduce Operational Cost

Rather than integrating with complex and expensive providers that provides you with, get a certified Session Boarder Controller (SBC) and use your own telephony infrastructure within your Apps.

Secured Connection

Ensure that the connection stays within your network providing cost-efficiency and regulatory benefit.

Azure Direct Routing

You can connect legacy on-premises telephony and your carrier of choice to Azure Communication Services. It provides PSTN calling capabilities to your Communication Services application even if Voice Calling (PSTN) is not available in your country/region.

Azure Communication Service Direct Routing Architecture Design



You can connect your own supported SBC to Azure Communication Services without the need for extra on-premises software.


You can use literally any telephony carrier with Communication Services.


You can choose to manage this option, or it can be configured and managed by us.


You can configure interoperability between your telephony equipment, such as a third-party PBX and analog devices, and Communication Services.


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Session Boarder Controller (SBC)

Microsoft partners with selected Session Border Controllers (SBC) vendors, including Ribbon Communications, to certify that their SBCs work with Direct Routing.

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