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We need Artificial Intelligence (AI) because the work that we need to do is increasing day-to-day. So it’s a good idea to automate the routine work. This saves the manpower of the organization and also increases the productivity.

Reimagine what’s possible with Microsoft AI

Our vision is to help every organization in every industry turn meaningful innovation into actionable results.


Chatbots have transformed the way businesses communicate with customers. They bring with them a new, exciting aspect to websites, products, and services that can help businesses save up to 30% from the $1.3 trillion they spend to service customer requests.

Machine Learning

By using python algorithms with Microsoft ML.NET we reach a level to help the chatbot make decisions when needed to change the conversation flow or take an action.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural language processing (NLP) is the ability of a computer program to understand human language as it is spoken. NLP is a component of artificial intelligence (AI), Our bot service is integrated with Microsoft LUIS (NLP).

LUIS is a cloud-based API service that applies custom machine-learning intelligence to natural language text to predict overall meaning, and pull out relevant, detailed information.

QnA Maker

QnA Maker is a cloud-based API service that lets you create a conversational question-and-answer layer over your existing data, automatically extract question-answer pairs from semi-structured content, including FAQs, product manuals, guidelines, support documents, and policies.

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