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Ribbon SBC SWe Edge

Ribbon SBC SWe Edge

The Ribbon Session Border Controller Software Edition Edge (SBC SWe Edge) - formerly SBC SWe Lite- provides best-in-class communications security with the convenience of deployment from popular virtual machine platforms as well as the Azure Marketplace and AWS.


The SBC SWe Edge delivers:


  • VoIP Security (topology hiding, encryption, protection against Denial of Service attacks, and more.
  • Interoperability with leading PBXs, cloud UC services, cloud contact center services, SIP endpoints, and SIP trunking providers.
  • Certified for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, Zoom Phone BYOC, Webex Local Gateway, Google Voice SIP Link, and many other platforms.
  • Advanced call routing features such as Active Directory/LDAP server routing integration and onboard call forking.
  • Offers powerful media services and SIPREC support.
  • Efficient architecture that uses fewer software resources, reducing the cost to deploy.
  • Deployment as a single instance or in High Availability (HA) pairs.


The SBC SWe Edge dramatically simplifies the deployment of robust communications security services for SIP trunking, Direct Routing, and cloud UC services. Organizations can deploy the software instantly from virtual machine platforms including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, and Linux KVM as well as the Azure Marketplace and AWS. The SBC SWe Edge protects SIP trunks, SIP endpoints, cloud contact centers, and cloud UC services, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom Phone. Since it is software, it easily scales up or down based on the cloud environment or platform attributes you choose. Deploy it as a single instance or configure two instances in a high-availability model that maintains active calls in the event of a failure. It also includes support for a number of important media services, such as transcoding, that are critical for interoperability. The SBC SWe Edge supports up to 1,200 concurrent calls and 5,000 devices. It boasts an intuitive user interface with templates for popular platforms and telecom providers. 

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